From zero to hero, avoiding the repetitive work!

(this talk will be in Italian)

I see people spending Fridays doing production releases and spending the weekend doing bug fixing. I see people fed up with doing the same repetitive tasks over and over and sticking with the usual frustrated developer routine. But all this can be avoided with a change of mentality.

What I want to tell in this talk is my evolutionary path from a waterfall approach to the iterative one, passing through the many mistakes I made. When we talk about continuous delivery, the word "continuous" is the one that clearly defines the importance of this process. In Agile Software Development, the release of working software is one of the most important points and this must happen often. In order to release new features, however, we will have to write all the necessary tests, run them, create a build and finally carry out the actual deployment. In modern software development, Continuous Delivery (CD) is the process that allows the entire team to deal with any change, such as new features, bugfixes or experiments, in a sustainable, safe and rapid way. In this process, among other things, two practices are generally used to carry out continuous releases: Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD). In this talk I will speak about how, together with my colleagues, we have arrived at the construction of an automated process to make releases from the first commit using Kubernetes, Docker, Python and Terraform for the creation of web applications based on Django and React.


Raffaele Colace
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall 1+2 - Afternoon Session 1