Raffaele Colace

Raffaele Colace is COO and Co-Founder of 20tab, a development and consulting company for digital projects.

Here he made concrete his great passion for Agile and Lean methodologies, which he never ceases to deepen and study, putting them into practice with the internal team and with customers. And then of course, this is where he can devote himself to programming. He knows and knows how to use different languages, such as Swift C#, Java, and is very attentive to best practices. Python has always been his focus: it is no coincidence that he is an active member of the community and participates, even holding talks, in national and international events.

From this interest in code, but also in the business world, #StopCoding was born, an initiative that aims to bring these two worlds closer thanks to appointments on topics such as: Agile Software Development, Lean Startup, DevOps, Growth Hacking, Design Thinking , etc. In short, everything that revolves around Product Management which involves the use of common sense.

He also founded the Product Management Day, the first Italian conference on Product Management.

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