How to make test automation a business practice needed to create value

(this talk will be in Italian)

The only practical ways to achieve quality goals within time and budget constraints is through automation. Since software testing is labour-intensive, especially when done accurately, automation immediately seems like the magic wand to solve problems.

But, as with anything, you have to invest to get the desired results. Automation is not always a good idea and sometimes manual testing is out of the question. To be successful, you need to know the real benefits and costs, then make an informed decision on what is best.

Unfortunately, many test automation projects fail, even after considerable expenditure of time, money and resources. In this session, we will look at some best practices to address some of the mistakes in conducting such projects so that test automation is a value creating business practice.

Oreste Egidio
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall 1+2 - Afternoon Session 1