Dedalus: how the NO-CODE strategy has simplified the Shift-To-Left approach for medical device applications

(This talk will be in italian)

The Healthcare world is constantly evolving; the pandemic period, the exposure of software to the Internet, and the increasingly strong integration between different software and devices have significantly increased the demand for secure and quality software.

Modern software classified as medical devices is increasingly integrated and complex. The complexity lies in different areas; the formal process required for the approval of the software and the use of many platforms to develop are just a few examples. Therefore, the test phases are often reduced to a minimum to release the software on time, or there is insufficient functional coverage.

In this talk, we will see how through Maveryx and the NO-CODE approach, Dedalus has managed in a short time to set up an automated testing process within a Continuous Integration pipeline, which allows testing the software with each release on multi-browser platforms. The adoption of Maveryx has allowed us to delegate the writing of test plans to application domain specialists through simple spreadsheets (NO-CODE), freeing up precious time for developers' sprints and increasing the quality of the tests and the related functional coverage.

#dedalus #no-code #shift-to-left #maveryx #test-automation

Daniel Amodeo and Alfonso Nocella
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall 1+2 - Afternoon Session 1