SW quality and skills certification to the proof of an evolving world

(this talk will be in Italian)

In the last two years a series of events have radically changed the world in a structural way and therefore the way of developing, validating and managing software applications.

We are not simply talking about methodological evolutions (Agile, DevOps, ShiftLeft, etc.) but about far more radical changes: COVID and its "rebounds"; the war in Ukraine and its political and economic consequences, the Great Resignation and the new ways of working; climate change and the growing importance of “Green IT”; the pervasiveness of process automation and Artificial Intelligence.

What are the impacts that all this has caused on the world of SW quality and skills certification? What can we foresee for the future? In this paper we will try to address these issues, identifying some levers that can allow us to transform risks into opportunities.


9:05 - 9:30
Gualtiero Bazzana
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall - Plenary Session