How to Build a Better Test Environment

It’s imperative to ensure that your applications function correctly to ensure a successful customer experience, but the complexities of APIs and microservices make software testing more challenging than ever.

Virtual test environments make it easier to isolate dependencies and enable more thorough testing.   The recent World Quality Report by Sogeti confirms test environment management (TEM) is top-of-mind for organizations that want to improve their quality efforts. The availability of portable virtual deployments enables continuous testing to reach quality goals at a faster rate with lower costs. This session will describe examples and experiences of how different industries are implementing the next level of TEM.   Key Takeaways 

  • Understand the value of TEM for a continuous testing process. 
  • Gain insights on ways to implement TEM to address quality efforts. 
  • Apply and optimize a continuous quality strategy with insights from industry organizations.


Jochem Feekes
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall - Plenary Session