No-code Enterprise vs Open Source Test Automation Solutions: Competition or Complementarity?

(this talk will be in Italian)

We live in a continuously more connected world and our life, both private and working, is increasingly influenced and dependent on SW applications, which must therefore always be available and with adequate levels of quality and safety, based on their types and criticalities.

To be successful, a methodological approach is required, supported by process automation and test tools that ensure ease of use and support in reducing time.

In the world of test automation, we are witnessing the age-old dilemma of choosing between commercial "Enterprise" solutions that implement automation with "no-code" approach and the large number of open source "code-based" tools that require more technical skills. Is it a competition?

The talk, through two concrete examples of case histories, will illustrate how, in relation to different contexts and requirements, different approaches to Test Automation are necessary: ​​in one case, for business problems it was decided to adopt a "Risk-based” and no-code Test Automation approach based on the Tosca commercial platform; in the second, with a view to testing developed within the project groups, an integrated solution of "script based" tools based on Java / Selenium was considered and proved to be more effective in the context.

10:20 - 10:45
Mariagrazia Brunetti, Giorgio Riva e Gian Luca Zani
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall - Plenary Session