Creating high-quality digital products requires more than excellent code. How 30% Digital Design boosts quality

The digital transformation is in full swing. Should we just give it free rein? No. Technologies continue to evolve, new technological possibilities are emerging all the time. We need to shape digitalization!

Give it a direction. Put people at the center. Their needs, their everyday life, their ideas, their requirements and wishes. We design software with people for people.
Against this backdrop, the digital transformation calls for a profession with great analytic and design expertise: Digital Design. Designing inspiring and high-quality digital products requires technological know-how, methodological expertise, and a holistic view: Digital Designers operate with three horizons in mind. Which horizons are these and how are they interwoven? Which methods and tools are used on which horizon? And how does all this improve product quality? We report from practice. From all our experiences we deduce: 30% digital design profession belongs in every project!



Dominik Birkmeier and Jakob Köhnemann
NH Milano Congress Center - Scala Hall - Plenary Session